• To connect to readers

Blogging allows people to connect with readers more than traditional media. Most blog sites allow readers to comment on an article. The comments give bloggers feedback on their writing and can offer ideas for topics the blogger hadn’t even considered. 

  • To get a job

Those seeking jobs in journalism or media can refer potential employers to their blog as a sample of their writing. Employers can get a feel for the blogger’s writing style. They might also be impressed by a blogger’s number of followers and take that into consideration when deciding who to hire. A job candidate who already has a strong web presence will be more appealing than one who doesn’t.

  • To provide information

People who are knowledgable in a certain subject should create a blog to discuss them. Most likely, other people are interested in that subject as well and they are constantly looking for new information. A blogger can provide them with that information and give them a new perspective on the topic.